The Wedding Of

Victor & Wilma

"And of His signs is that He created for you
from yourselves mates that you may find
tranquillity in them; and He placed between you
affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs
for a people who give thought.

[Q.S AR RUM : 21]

By asking for the Grace and Ridho of Allah SWT
who has created His creatures in pairs,
we will held our wedding reception

Victor Van Kempen, BSc

The First Son of :
Mr. Marinus Van Kempen & Mrs. Evá Katalin Adam

Wilma Amalia, S.M.

The First Daughter, Second Child of :
Mr. Kamaludin & Mrs. Siti Masitoh

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Wedding Reception


28 AUG 2022

09.00 AM


Our Moments

“Love is not about how many days, months, or years
you have been together. Love is about how much
you love each other every single day”

Wedding Gift

And if giving is a sign of your love,
you can give cashless gifts by sending
digital envelope by transfer
on the accounts listed below :

0852 175 641

a.n Victor J.M. Van Kempen

7361 176 701

a.n Wilma Amalia

Word & Pray

It is a pleasure for us if you’re willing to
give some words, prayers and blessings
to complete our beautiful wedding day.

ring 2
Noah ariens
Super blij voor jullie, heel veel geluk samen 💕
ring 2
Ringke Dirdia
congratulations on you marriage! lancar lancar sampe hari H dan selalu hidup bersama, bahagia hingga kakek nenek bunn ‘wilma & victor 🤍’
ring 2
Frank, Kim, Myra and Anita
Lots of love for you both and a good life together!
ring 2
Aurelie & Kevin
Congratulations on your marriage! I wish you not only a happy day but an entire life full of fun and enjoyment! My heartfelt congratulations, dear Wilma & Victor 🤍
ring 2
Bibit Pamungkas
Congratulations victor and wilma. Finally the day. Happy wedding.
ring 2
Vanny Aurelia
Dear kak Wilma & suami Selamat menempuh hidup baru. Semoga pernikahannya selalu dipenuhi kebahagian dan langgeng sampai maut memisahkan. Enjoy your new journey as a wife kak Wilma❤
ring 2
Dianne Kersten
Lieve Vic en Wilma Van ❤️-te gefeliciteerd alvast met jullie trouwdag. Ik wens jullie heel veel geluk samen en nog heel veel jaren samen. Hele fijne, liefdevolle dag zondag. Maak er een super mooi feest van! 🥂Hopelijk zie ik jullie nog eens. Liefs xx Dianne
ring 2
I am so so sad that I cannot be there on your special day. I hope it will be filled with love and joy and it will be a beautiful start of your married life together. Love you guys xxxx
ring 2
I am so so sad that I cannot be there on your special day. I hope it will be filled with love and joy and it will be a beautiful start of your married life together. Love you guys xxxx
ring 2
Yasmin N
selamat menempuh hidup baru, wilma dan suami. semoga samawa yaaah! 🤍 maaf ngga bisa datengg huhu tp semoga acaranya lancar yaaa!!
ring 2
Alhamdulillah Do'a terbaik untuk kalian berdua🙏
ring 2
Aaaa wilmaa congrate yaaaa semoga menjadi keluarga samawa syg❤️❤️❤️❤️😍
ring 2
Congratulations Wilma and Victor. Couldn't be any happier for both of u. Wishing you joy, happiness, and love as you begin your new life together. May your love grow stronger as you grow old together👵👴
ring 2
Selamat yahhh wil bahagiaaa slaluuu orang baikkkk🤗✨
ring 2
Semoga jadi keluarga sakinah mawadah warahmah🤲🏻
ring 2
Cindy & kiki
Selamat ya wil, semoga lancar sampai hari h, menjadi keluarga yang samawa ya aminnn🫶🫶 god bles u🫶🫶
ring 2
Iman dan gemi
Selamat yah wilma dan suami , semoga diberikan kelancaran sampai hari H, dan semoga dijadikan keluarga yg samawa dan di limpahkan kebahagiaan selalu , aminn
ring 2
Sri puji w
aaaaa selamat will keren banget semoga sakinah mawadah warrahmah ya🫶🏻🤍
ring 2
Vina& suami
Masi ga nyangka wil hihi akhirnya yang seperti flim pun jadi kenyataan hihi selamat ya sayang lanca sampai hari h 🥰🤗
ring 2
Latifah Herman
Wilmaa.. ga pernah ketemu tp beruntung banget bisa kenal dengan anak baik kyk kamu wiiil. Bahagia slalu dan sehat selalu buat wilma dan suami yaaa semoga segala urusan dalam rumah tangga di permudah dan menjadi keluarga samawa,, so happy ngeliat kalian bisa sama² sebagai suami istri, luvv🥰🖤
ring 2
Selamat sayangcuuu🤗semoga bahagia selalu apapun yang terjadi jadilah yang amat berbahagia amiin
ring 2
Selamat yah sayang....semoga langgeng sampe maut memisahkan,bahagia n slalu sehat.....🤲🏻 Amin yrb
ring 2
Uwa awa
Samawah ya Wilma dan Victor semoga CPT dapat momongan ....amiin
ring 2
Ibu dodot
Selamet ya Wilma dan Viktor semoga acaranya lancar sampai hari h dan semoga kalian menjdi rumah tangga yng samawa amin" yra🤲🤲🤲
ring 2
Ibu dodot
Selamet ya buat Wilma semoga lancar acara nya sampai hari h dan semoga kalian mnjdi rumh tangga yng samawa amin" yra🤲🤲🤲
ring 2
Kiki firmansyah dan mely firmansyah
Slmt yaa wilma smga lancar smpe hari h semoga cpt2 dikasih momongan✨
ring 2
Kiki firmansyah dan mely firmansyah
Slmt yaa wilma smga lancar smpe hari h semoga cpt2 dikasih momongan✨
ring 2
Julianti Fristika Silaban a.k.a Fjulianthy_Silaban
Dear Wilma and Victor, Your wedding day will come and go, but May your love continue to grow each and every year. Hoping you two have a beautiful life and an endless love story. My best prayers for your best moment ❤️
ring 2
Aaa selamaaat wilmaaaaa🥰🥹, semoga lancar2 yaa sampai hari H🥰🥰🫶🏻
ring 2
Aaaaaaa selamat ya mot🤗🤗sehat sehat sampe hari h ya mot lancar semuanyaa aamiin 💗💗
ring 2
Maura & Rully
Bener2 kaya di film🥺 congratulations will😘bahagia selalu and happy unboxing yaa😝😙
ring 2
Wilmaaaa, selamatttttt. Lancar sampai hari H yaaa dan semoga menjadi pasangan bahagia dunia akhirat 💚💚💚
ring 2
Congrats wilma selamat menempuh hidup baru Wilma&Victor🥳🥳🥰🥰🤗🤗
ring 2
Dear Wilma Makasi udh jadi yg baik dihidup ini skrng udh ada yg jagain huhuu bahagia slalu pokonyaa lancar segalanyaa yaa aamiin🤗❤️🕊️
ring 2
Feby & ramdhan
Selamat ya wil lancar2 sampai hari H❤❤
ring 2
Loes Hendrickx & Ruben van Weering
Dear Wilma and Victor, We wish you all the love for what wil surely be a loving and inspiring marriage. We are sorry that we cannot be there in person. But in our hearts we are with you and will always be. "Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope." You two prove this over and over. We trust in your love and are looking forward to meeting you once again in December. All the love, Loes and Ruben
ring 2
Petry en Anneke
Victor en Wilma heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd met jullie huwelijk. We wensen jullie een fijne tijd samen onder de tropische zon. Groetjes en wellicht tot ziens.
ring 2
Dear Victor and Wilma, I only know you Victor from a very short time but I already found out you are a person with a big heart and full of energy! Wilma you're lucky finding him and I'm sure you are as incredible as he his, wish you all the best and hope to have the chance to meet you in person. Unfortunately it would be impossible for me to be there, enjoy YOUR day and life together :'-) Annalisa
ring 2
Eric van Kempen en Ella de Wit
Dear Victor en Wilma although we have never seen Wilma in real life, we can see from the pictures of you as a couple that you are very fond of each other and fit well together. You will be very lucky to go trough life as a married couple and we wish you best of luck in doing so. We congratulate you both, but also the family of Vitor and Wilma on your marriage and we give you our blessing. Unfortunately we won't be able to witness the weddengceremonie on the 28th of August but we think of you both and we sincerely hope that you will have a great ceremony and we wish you all the best for the future. We realy hope to meet you both someday in Indonesia or in The Netherlands.est regards and all the love for you both. Eric&Ella
ring 2
Wish you guys all the luck in the world. You two have showed that love does not know any boundaries or distances❤️❤️
ring 2
Mathieu F
Wish you a wonderful wedding, full of love, family and friends.
ring 2
I wish you all the luck and love of the world❤️ Have a beautiful wedding and a beautiful togetherness. Many kisses
ring 2
Dear victor and wilma, I hope your your wedding will be beautiful. I will am looking forward to it ! 😃

Health Protocol

Because it's still in time the Covid-19 pandemic,
we require invited guests who is here to apply
health protocols that have been
determined throughout the event.

keep the



It's a joy for us if you come and give
your blessing for our wedding to be
Sakinah, Mawaddah, Warahmah weddings


Victor & Wilma

Big Family of
Mr. Marinus Van Kempen & Mrs. Evá Katalin Adam

Big Family of
Mr. Kamaludin dan Mrs. Siti Masitoh

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Victor & Wilma
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